Magazine Articles

"Red Stewart Airfield 
in Waynesville Keeps
Tail Wheel Aviation Alive"


By Jim DeBrosse

Cincinnati Magazine, February 2021

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"Total Quality Logistics Ships until They Drop"

Ken Oaks and friends have built TQL into a multibillion-dollar company, but thousands of ex-employees are suing the company for their fair share of the success.

By Jim DeBrosse

Cincinnati Magazine, June 2020

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"A Surgeon's Victims Waiting for Justice"

Six years after a local spine surgeon fled the country to avoid criminal prosecution, his victims and their families fight for their day in court.

Cincinnati Magazine, October 2019

"Sherrod Brown Gets Back to Work"

Passing on a run for president, the Ohio senator still has injected his “dignity of work” theme into the Democratic presidential race—which could make him an attractive VP choice.​

Cincinnati Magazine, March 2019

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"Steve Driehaus Finds his True North​"

The former politician leads Cincinnati Compass, the region’s ”Welcome Wagon” for immigrants, after years of Peace Corps service in Africa.

Cincinnati Magazine, December 2018

"Meet the New Scripps"

The Cincinnati-based media giant has embraced the news industry’s new-age digital revolution by investing in old-school journalism. Will it work?

Cincinnati Magazine, June 2018

"Web of Exploitation"

How the Construction Industry Systematically Short-Changes Immigrant Workers

Cincinnati Magazine, November 2017

"Waiting For The Great Leap Forward"

Chinese-American relations at Miami University

Cincinnati Magazine, May 2017

"Will Tom Ford’s Film Induce Austin Wright’s Literary Rebirth?"
Cincinnati Magazine, January 2017
"Can Aftab Pureval Pop the Republican Machine’s Bubble?"
Cincinnati Magazine, October 2016
"Molly Wellmann is the Craftiest Barkeep in Town"
Cincinnati Magazine, May 2016
"Chris Seelbach: Getting Past Gay"
Cincinnati Magazine, August 2015
"Junkie’s Big Adventure"
Cincinnati Magazine, February 2016