Why do the mainstream media marginalize and ridicule more plausible conspiracy theories when the majority of Americans long ago wrote off the Warren Report as a cover-up? See No Evil analyzes the built-in biases of the U.S. corporate media, exposes its complicity in the whitewashing, and advocates for the broadest possible investigation into the motives and key players who may have been responsible for the Crime of the Twentieth Century.

The Secret in Building 26 is a history of America's heroic effort to break the Nazi's toughest Enigma codes during World War II. And the heart of the operation was hidden in a nondescript factory building at NCR in Dayton, Ohio. The Washington Post said the book "needs to be read… by those who want to understand the indispensible role of information technology in modern warfare."

In Hidden City, a plot to spread plague among Cincinnati's homeless population leads investigative reporter Rick Decker underground into the city's long-abandoned subway tunnels. Set in Cincinnati's historic Over-the-Rhine and Brewery districts, this is the second mystery novel in the Rick Decker series, and a Mystery Book Fan Club selection.

When six college football stars die in a suspicious fire on a luxurious riverboat casino, Decker's investigation runs up against both organized crime and an overzealous county prosecutor. The Serpentine Wall is the first in the Rick Decker mystery series. The New York Times Book Review said: "Rick Decker is brash, irreverant, and so personable that even criminals can't refrain from spilling their guts to him. The author makes detecting fun."

In Southern Cross, the disappearance of a wealthy heir on a Caribbean cruise takes Decker to the British Virgin Islands, where the beauty of the setting is matched only by the treachery of the plot he uncovers.